Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Dove Chocolate at CVS

My CVS had some yummy Dove Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars in the clearance section for $.22/each. I had a whole slew of $.50/2 Dove Chocolate Bar singles, turning this into a $.06 moneymaker and free CHOCOLATE. Can't beat that...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week of August 1-7, 2010- Rite Aid Shopping

Once again, two separate shopping excursions.

Trip #1

BIC Soleil Razors 4 count x2 $9.98 (-$4.99 BOGOF coupon and $3 coupon)
Venus Embrace Spa Razor $7.99 (-$2 coupon)
LA Looks Curly Gel $1.99 (-$1 coupon)
Herbal Essence Straight Shampoo and Conditioner $5 (-$2.50 BOGOF coupon)
Wet n' Wild Nail Polishes x4 $8 (-$2 BOGO1/2 off and -$2 Video Value coupon)
Used $5/$25 Video Value Coupon
Total Out of Pocket= $10.47 (for some reason, I only ended up paying $8.53 and I can't figure out why)
-$4 Up Reward Venus Razor
-$2 Up Reward Herbal Essence
-$1 SCR LA Looks
Total Expense: $3.47

Trip #2:
Crest ProHealth Mouthwash x4= $20 (-$2x3 coupons= $6)
Glide Floss Twin Pack$5.99 (-$2 coupon)
Used $5/$25 Video Values Coupon
Used $4 and $2 Up Rewards from above
Total Out of Pocket= $6.99
-$2 SCR Glide Floss
-$10 SCR Crest
-$10 Rite Aid Oral Care GC
Total Expense: $15.01 Moneymaker

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week of August 1-7, 2010- CVS Shopping

This was a two trip excursion:

Trip #1
Gilette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.99 (-$4 Coupon) NOT Pictured
Maybelline Color Sensation Lipglosses x2 $10 (-$2 Coupons)
-$4/$20 CVS Coupon that I received in my email
-$4 ECB from last month

Total Out of Pocket: $5.99
Received $5 ECB for Fusion Razor
Received $3 ECB for Maybelline Lipglosses
Total Expense: $2 Moneymaker

Trip #2
Playtex Gentle Glide 36 Count $6.99 (-$1 Instant Coupon on package)
Playtex Sport 18 Count $5.29 (-$1 Instant Coupon on package and -$5.29 BOGO coupon)

Total Out of Pocket: $5.99, but I used the $5 ECB from the Gilette Razor, so I paid $.99.
Received $3 ECB from Playtex
Total Expense: $2 Moneymaker

Week of August 1-7, 2010- Target Shopping

This was a two trip shopping excursion, broken out as follows:

Trip #1
Airwick I-Motion $7.99 (-$4 coupon)
Glade Candle $2.50 (-$1 coupon)
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel $3.99 (-$1 coupon)
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaner Refill Brushes $3.49 (-$3.49 BOGO coupon)
Venus Embrace Razor $9.24 (-$2 coupon)
Venus Embrace Cartridges $14.49 (-$2 coupon)
Olay Body Lotion $8.04 (-$6 Buy Venus Cartridge Get Lotion Free up to $6)
-$5 Target Coupon when you buy Venus Razor and Cartridge

Total Paid Out of Pocket: $25.21
Target GC for buying Venus Razor and Cartridge: -$5
Back to School Mail In Rebate: -$10
Total Expense: $10.21

Trip #2
Bear Naked Granola x2 $6.98 (-$3.49 BOGO coupon)
Clean and Clear Travel Size Morning Burst Cleanser $.97 (-$1 coupon)
Poligrip Super Grip $3.94 (-$3.94 Get One Free coupon)
Johnson and Johnson Travel First Aid Kits x3 $2.91 (-$3 off 3 coupon)
Papermate Eagle 10 Count Pens $.50 (-$.50 Target coupon)
Bic Soft Grip Pens 7 count $.99/Bic White Out $1.27 (-$1 Target coupon and $1 M.C. off 2)
Roseart 12 Count Colored Pencils $.50
Roseart 24 Count Crayons $.20 (-$.20 BOGO free with purchase of Colored Pencils)

The total I would have paid out of pocket would have been $4.26, but I used the Target Gift Card from Trip #1, so I actually got everything for FREE!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Over the past few weeks, I have become pseudo-obsessed with finding amazing drugstore deals. I've actually started to get this art down to a science and I wanted to share my successes with you as well. So, please feel free to join me in my shopping excursions and I hope you enjoy seeing Dawn shop.